What To Look For In A Migration Agent

Choosing your migration agent is an important step of your process. You want to make sure you hire someone you trust. Someone you feel will help you navigate immigration systems to land you at your next destination. Here are 5 qualities you should look for in your agent right from the very beginning.

Ask you straight away how you meet criteria
They should know what it takes to meet the criteria for the visa you’re applying for. They should also know what exact evidence you need to get over the line and get that Yes. If they’re not asking you early on what evidence you can provide, some tough conversations need to take place. Being able to evidence your claims of meeting criteria is paramount! I learned this one the hard way so take it from me.

If you can’t afford a particular agent, that is ok. All agents have different price tags depending on the firm or agency they’re with. There is no need to go breaking the bank trying to afford an agent with a fancy name tag. Don’t leave yourself short to book flights, move your house, and everything else that come with getting that big Yes! Find an agent that fits your budget and your expectations. A good agent will give you a free initial consultation where they’ll look over your circumstances and identify your best path going forward. After this conversation you can decide whether you want to continue with them, and whether they possess these five qualities.

Quick with communication
When you’re close to the deadline of getting your evidence in or the Government Department has requested more information you will want to feel confident that your agent is going to be there on the other end of the email to help make sure you get over the line. We all need a break sometimes, including immigration agents, just make sure they’re the type to let you know if they won’t be available.

Offer their educated opinion
Instead of just supporting your uneducated opinion. We all want the path of least resistance when it comes to immigration applications. They’re no easy feat! Make sure your agent is going to be honest with you about your chances of getting the visa you’re applying for. They should be able to tell you early on in conversations, before any contracts are signed, if they think you’re likely to meet the criteria for a certain visa. This is important even if they tell you news you don’t want to hear. After all, you’re paying them to help you get it right so you don’t waste your own time and money on an application doomed from the start.

They actually answer your questions
We’ve all been in the scenario where you ask a question and the other person dances around answering it. If you’re not getting answers to your questions (whether you like the answer or you don’t) call it out, and again, have that tough conversation about expectations. You’re probably paying a lot of money for their legal advice so make sure you actually get the advice.

I’ve had both good and bad agents before and a good one really does make all the difference! Make sure your agent has these 5 qualities and if they don’t do one of these two things. Either have a tough conversation with them about your expectations or consider if a new agent is going to be a better fit for you. After all, these are your dreams on the line!

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