What To Do While You Wait For A Decision

Applying for any sort of migration visa is no easy task. They take months and sometimes years to prepare to lodge. And once it is submitted that is when the hard part just begins. You’re now left to wait while your future is decided by someone government worker who doesn’t even know you. It would be impossible to hold your breath for as long as it takes to get your decision back. Instead of losing hope, and your mind, I’ve put together a list of things to do to help keep you going.

Put your positivity out into the Universe!

Think positive thoughts.
Cross your fingers.
Cross your toes.
Whatever you do, just remain hopeful!

Exercise your patience!

Get out your mindfulness colouring book.
Play in your zen garden.
Listen to music.
Watch a new series.
Teach your dog a new trick.
Read a book.
Learn the language of your new country.
Speak to people in a helpful Facebook group or forum.
Do anything that will keep your mind from becoming overwhelmed with anxious thoughts!

Prepare your strategy for moving!

If you’re thinking positive and planning for that Yes! (why else did we apply if not for this) then you need a plan for moving your life. Unless, of course, you’re already living in your chosen country and the visa is the last step. Now is a great time to determine which company you will ship with; who you will fly with; how your pets will get there; and, what you need to do before leaving your current house.

Spend lots of time with people you’re close to!

WHEN you get your Yes! the clock will start to count down even quicker for your departure. Take the time to see your pals now before things get really crazy. You don’t have to throw big parties, just go out for a walk or get a coffee. Soon, you may not be able to see them in the flesh.

Start connecting with your new country!

Look at neighbourhoods and properties you’re keen to live in.
Research employers in the area that are relevant to your type of work. Gumtree can be a big help for entry level jobs.
Join the Facebook group for expats and travellers in your new area.

The day you get your decision email (or letter) will be so relieving and nerve wrecking all at the same time. It is an exciting time in life knowing big changes are right around the corner. My fingers are crossed for you to get your Yes!

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