Planning To Migrate? Join A Facebook Group!

Facebook Groups Are Pivotal For Migration Applications

When you decide to migrate, or even to live abroad just for a short while, you will find that a whole new world opens up to you. A metaphorical world apart from the literal. Visa applications, moving your personal belongings, customs in your new neighbourhood, saying goodbye, saying hello, and integrating all come with their own unique challenges.

There are millions of people who have come, gone, and are still going that have asked similar if not the same questions. If you think you’re the only one stressing about how to organise the supporting documents in your application or how to decide what’s the best method of getting your goods over the ocean, fear not. There are people who have done the leg work for you that are more than happy to help a fellow traveller with advice.

When you open yourself to a new experience such as this you’ll find whole communities of people who love to tell a good tale. This often includes invaluable advice and is full of good will. Travellers and migrants often rely on social media platforms to keep in touch with those they’ve met around the world. You’ll find very active participants in traveller and migrant groups dying to tell about their experience. I would urge you to take advantage!

I Rely On Peer Support!

Throughout my journey both to Australia and Scotland I’ve relied upon the peer support to get me through day to day. It can be emotionally exhausting waiting for days on end for that response about a visa application. Surfing web pages for clarity about convoluted legislation. Understanding customs when moving your goods. And where to begin when you’ve just decided you want to go, and you don’t even know where! What better way to find solutions than from a concentrated group of people who have ‘been there done that’?

I think you would be hard pressed to find a traveller or migrant (aside from humanitarian/refugees/asylum seekers) who didn’t have the disappointment of someone who cares weighing on them. Family members and friend don’t often like to ‘say goodbye’. So this support from like minded people on Facebook can be all that you’ll get whilst you set out on this journey. Don’t be shy, join a group!

My Top 5 Reasons To Join A Facebook Group

1. Free Help!

FB groups are full of people who are also seeking visas and many of the groups are moderated by people who have done loads of research for their own applications, and then continued on to help others.

You can ask as many questions as you want!

I know it feels silly sending millions of little questions to your agent and often we don’t want to pay the fees associated with going over the email limit. You can always ask in your group and if you’re not satisfied, you can then take it to your agent. Just remember, advice from FB groups is not legal advice and shouldn’t be relied upon solely for your own circumstances.

3. Support!

People in these groups have been through the dreaded waiting period and others are currently waiting just as you are. You can have a moan and the people write messages of support to make you feel so much better. Your agent probably isn’t going to be up at midnight to email you back to say its ok, be patient. There is likely to be someone half way around the world, awake, and able to offer you those beautiful words of reassurance to calm your nerves enough for you to get some sleep.

4. You can learn from other’s mistakes!

The sad truth is, not everyone who applies gets a big Yes! on their first application. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 attempts for that dream to come to fruition (like me for example). If you’re in early stages of your process it can be helpful to know where other people have gone wrong and learn from their errors. Just try not to dwell on the negatives because everyone’s situation is unique!

5. Recommendations for agents, postal services, and general advice!

Because there are so many people navigating these systems advice is out there if you need it. You may feel alone but you’re really not. You can find great recommendations from people currently going through the process for good agents in your area, how people navigated providing their evidence, what to include in a support letter, how to pay for fees in different countries, and loads of other common issues that come up.

Facebook Groups I’ve Used

Spouse Visa Journey – UK
UK Spouse Visa For USA Citizens
Americans living in Perth
Scots in Perth WA

Please note that membership of these groups depends upon where you’re from, and where you’re migrating to. Most will tell you right upfront what the criteria is for joining.

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