10 Reasons You Should Live Abroad

Living abroad has countless benefits. Here are my top 10!

Experience another way of life, fully immersed!
You can explore new territory up close and personal. You can’t live these moments vicariously through travel blogs. Even with the most vivid imagination.

It is an opportunity to re-invent yourself!

You become more open minded!
You become the minority, the new kid in town, the fresh face, the greenie and as a beautiful result you are given the opportunity to see things from a new perspective. Expats are exposed to new ideals and values of local people and you can’t help but become familiar with them. Of course you don’t have to compromise your own views or values along the way.

Connect with people in a different way!
Not based on where you live or what school you went to but because you’ve opened yourself up to something new! You become friends with the barista and the bar staff. People in yoga or at the beach become your pals because you’ve both chosen to be in that place and you share a common interest. Not to mention all the expats that just happen upon each other in mysterious ways!

Discover other cultures through first hand experience!

Learn to show your love in new ways!
You can’t always fly home for every birthday party, every wedding, or every other big event (at least not if you have my budget). So you learn to FaceTime, Skype, Messenger, send memes, texts, send letters in the post, and wee reminders that you’re thinking of them. It took practice but the longer I’m away the more I value those little messages saying I miss you and I love you wherever you are, and the better I get at sending them!

Develop a new respect for where you’re from!
When you return home you see things through your new eyes and value things just a little bit differently. Where you’re from may not always feel like ‘home’, but it brings back memories and if those are nice memories, it’s a magical feeling.

Make life-long friends all over the world!
I meant it when I said expats have a mysterious way of connecting with each other. While travelling I have made friends that I am still in touch with who live all over the world. They will always have a bed (or at least a sofa) in my flat if ever they come to town!

The food!
All the food! If you’re a self-proclaimed foodie or you just like to eat, it should come as no surprise that your horizons will be broadened by tasting your way around new countries. You learn to put same-old ingredients together in new and delicious ways.

Expand your definition of ‘home’!
You learn that home isn’t necessarily where your parent or sibling is, it’s not where you grew up, it’s not even where your last permanent address was. Home is where you make it and that can be with your new best friend or wherever you park your head for the night!

If the hasn’t inspired you, read my story of how I decided the expat life was the life for me!

4 thoughts on “10 Reasons You Should Live Abroad”

  1. I have absolutely loved reading this. Loads of interesting information written in a straightforward but fun way. So positive! Brilliant

    1. Susan, thank you for your kind words! It’s so lovely to hear positive feedback. I’ll be making a new post every week so stay tuned! Robin M

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