Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

My Story begins when I was 12 years old

I knew I was destined to travel and see the world. I took my first solo trip to Australia and New Zealand as part of a USA Ambassador program playing basketball. Crossing the Pacific for the first time, meeting the people, hearing about Aboriginal traditions and seeing the kangaroos in the fields fuelled my passionate love affair with with what would become my home someday.

I travelled to Australia for the second time while I was in University. I held a student visa first and after that I applied for every temporary visa I could get my hands on. These visas allowed me to stay in Australia for the next 5 years. Once out of temporary options I applied for substantive visas to both Australia (my Border Collie is Aussie) and the United Kingdom (my partner is Scottish).

I have learned a fair few lessons along my journey so far. I’ve asked endless questions on forums, in groups, of lawyers, and I now have a few things to say about navigating immigration departments whilst simultaneously trying to live my best life.

This is where I meet you.

Hello! And welcome to Roots In The Wind!

Throughout these pages you’ll find a barrage of tips, tricks, my words of wisdom, and I’ll share stories from my own migration! To my pals currently waiting for their YES! – my fingers are crossed for you!

Robin M

3 thoughts on “A Journey To Settling Somewhere”

  1. I hope that where ever you call home it is a place of love, great friends and peace. God bless you. I am so glad that Australia was your home for a time.

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